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Summer Trip List

Definition of Trip Grades


Tramp of two or more days Day tramp Mountain biking or Cycling trip Other



Relaxed pace with plenty of rest stops. All terrain types may be encountered and not always on track. Duration varies depending on the terrain and conditions, but is usually for no more than 6 hours walking time per day.
Steady walking pace with regular snack and drink breaks. Terrain may vary from flat river valleys to trips above the bushline. Some off-track travel may be involved. Duration ca. 6 -8 hours per day depending on conditions.
Brisk pace with fewer drink and snack breaks. Terrain covered is similar to a grade 2 trip but the distance travelled in a day is further. More than 8 hr travel per day.
Family Trip - Very relaxed pace. Suitable for small children and with plenty of rest stops. Usually comprises a day walk on a well graded track.
Climbing- Rock or Ice climbing using technical gear
Skiing and other activities with accommodation in the club hut on Mt. Ruapehu. Contact the Ruapehu hut booking officer.
Mountain bike-Fat-tyred bicycle recommended. HELMET ESSENTIAL
Road bike- Road bicycle recommended. HELMET is still ESSENTIAL
Note: In winter time, trips may be of a higher grading than the equivalent trip undertaken in summer, depending on conditions (e.g. 1 in summer may equate to 2 in winter).





Large waterproof pack & large plastic bag to line it, good sleeping bag & liner, plastic ground sheet or waterproof sleeping bag cover, thermarest or closed cell foam, parka, over-trouders, suitable boots, nylon shorts, three pair of socks, the following in wool or polypropylene - singlet, shirt, jersey, trousers or long johns, mittens and balaclava - also torch, matches in waterproof container, candle, map, compass, plastic bowl, mug, knife, spoon, water bottle and toilet kit. Total pack weight should not be more than 12-15 kg for a summer trip, extra, warm clothing may be necessary above bush line or in winter - consult trip leader. Cotton clothing is unsuitable and should be kept to a minimum. Sunhats, sun cream and insect repellant are useful on summer trips. In winter, snow goggles, snow cream, snow gaiters, crampons and ice axe may be required - consult trip leader. A personal first aid kit should be carried on all trips.


FOR SUNDAY TRIPS - Warm clothing, parka, over-trousers, mittens, hat or balaclava, lunch, snack food, spare food and mug, torch, map and compass - if in doubt, consult trip leader.


Typical food for a two day tramping weekend:
Two breakfasts: Muesli/cereal (100g)
Two lunches and snacks: Bread/biscuits, cheese, jam, honey, muesli bars, chocolate, dried fruit, scroggin etc
One dinner: Macaroni or rice (100g), cheese, fresh vegetables, package soup, fruit dessert
tea, coffee, milo, milk powder

Ruapehu Lodge - Bookings. Please e-mail your bookings to at least 24 hours prior to the desired date or phone the Bookings Officer Alison Newbald ph 027 451 2587 leaving a message if there is no reply.


Upcoming Trips


School holidays 1-16 Oct

1-2 T1 Waiopehu Hut

Sun 2 D1 Mt McKerrow

2-8 Ski Ruapehu Lodge – school holidays week 1

8-9 T1 Waiohine Rd end - Cone - Totara Flats circuit

Sun 9 D1 Newlands Meander

9-15 ski   Ruapehu Lodge – school holidays week 2 

15-16 T1+ Mitre Flats & Mitre

Sun 16 D1 City to Sea

Sun 16 D2 Orongorongo Fitness Tramp

Tue 18 WP Matiu Somes

Thu 20 D1 🐕 Mountain House Loop

22-24 Labour Weekend

Fri 21-Mon 24 T1+ Parawai Lodge - Kime - Penn Creek

Thu 20-Tue 25 T2 Leslie Karamea

Sun 23 D1

Sun 30 D1 Cattle Ridge & welcome to our visitors

Sun 30 Orongorongo Valley & welcome to our visitors 

Summer Trip List

Summer Bike Rides