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Wednesday 22 April, 2020   Biophysical Limits to Growth: the future of food and energy Dr Mike Joy

Abstract: The human population has reached a level far in excess of the ability of the planet to sustain it long-term through using synthetic nitrogen. The ‘green revolution’ was driven by a massive increase in fossil energy in food production; this one-off subsidy from the past is close to its end as the ‘easy energy pickings’ diminish. To be able to feed the burgeoning population without fossil fuels and keep greenhouse gas emissions at a safe level will require a drastic reduction in livestock for human food and in reduced emissions from transporting and processing food. This required change will have many human and ecological health benefits but puts New Zealand in a challenging position.Further sources of relevant material are available at: 

the website of the Better Futures Forum – towards a more resilient Aotearoa: 

a webinar - The Future of Food presented by Mike Joy: 

the website of the Sustainable Living Trust: