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30 November: Graeme McVerry -To 80° North: Bergen to Spitzbergen

Graeme McVerry describes another of his tourist cruises to the Arctic (I dare not call it an expedition after Jocelyn Turnbull’s recent epic presentation about her crossing of Greenland). This time it was from Bergen through the western fjords of Norway, along the Lofoten Islands and on to Spitzbergen. Then followed three days’ ship- and zodiac-cruising and hiking in the south-western fjords of this largest island of the Svalbard archipelago. After a day exploring Longyearbyen, I embarked on a local cruise further north, past ever-more spectacular glaciers to Moffen Island, a walrus refuge at 80°North.


7 December CHANGE OF SPEAKER - Natalie Robinson about NIWA – Antarctic Field Work will be on a later date

7 December: Graeme Lyon will give a presentation for us on 7th December instead.  He will be introducing a series of videos called “Our Coast” from the Coastal Restoration Trust, produced in Lower Hutt. These show how New Zealand coasts are changing and how that can be managed.


14 December     Christmas Party Pot Luck dinner - and closing for the year



18 January           New Year’s Pot Luck dinner – catch up


25 January           Open Night – Theme People


1 Februari: Dennis Page - From Molecule to Medicine

Following an interesting talk given to the club on 10 August 2022 by Dr Dallas Mildenhall concerning an investigation into the fraudulent preparations of some antimalarial drugs, there was discussion among the club audience about 'just how does one identify what ingredients go into making medicines and how can I be sure that what I take is the real-deal or not?'  Club member, Dennis Page has had 25 years of post-graduate experience working in the chemistry, pharmaceutical and forensic service industries in NZ as well as 3 years at the NZ medicines regulator, Medsafe, where he assessed the chemical and pharmaceutical formulations of new and changed medicines (prepared by chemical means).  Tonight, Dennis will give an overview on how molecules with promising leads in the research laboratory are turned into pharmaceuticals and the measures a regulator can take to ensure the medicines you consume are safe and fit for purpose.


8 February          Melody McLaughlin on kiwi protection training for dogs

15 February        Julie Lewis and Vera de Graauw’s cooking competition

22 February        Mike Wespel-Rose on his trip to Israel


The club is always interested to hear from anybody wanting to be considered as a Wednesday night guest speaker and is open to suggestions


If you have any suggestions for speakers, or would like to give a presentation yourself, please contact

Pamela at club night, or email details to