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27 January Alan Stevens on Tanzanian Game Reserves

In 2007 Helen and Alan Stevens visited East Africa and included a safari into some of the game reserves of Tanzania – especially the famous Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater National Parks. He will share photos and descriptions of a selection of these.


3 February Jo Greenman -  A Day in Life of a Ranger


10 February Graeme Lythgoe - South Island Tramp in March (cut short by Covid-19)

Graeme’s annual southern tramp took the form of visiting huts that he had not been to before, largely because they have not fitted in with earlier extended tramps. The group enjoyed just over a week before Covid “lockdown” was announced forcing a premature return home. Come and see which huts they managed to visit.


17 February Nina Sawicki -  Eastern Nepal


24 February Steve Tallon Phone/GPS Navigation (NZTOPO50 App Creator)

Steve will be giving a brief overview of how the GPS system works and how it is being applied to backcountry use on modern devices. Based on experience writing a mobile phone app using the LINZ Topo50 map series he’ll cover topics including off-line use, battery life, data privacy, some key tips and tricks, and a few of the more interesting applications he has come across. There will probably be a few stories about getting lost as well. 


3 March Andrew Robinson - Christmas Tramp 2020/2021

Andrew Robinson decided to take his merry band of wanderers on a picturesque section of Te Araroa while it hopefully wasn't overrun with Te Araroans. The chosen route was from Maling Pass, up the Waiau River and over Waiau Pass to Blue Lake, then out to Lake Rotoiti via the Sabine River West Branch and Travers Saddle. The questions the group had were, how many Te Araroans would be on the route, how bad would the sandflies be, is Blue Lake as blue as it looks in pictures and would the weather be good for the two passes to be crossed?

Look forward to you joining us on 3 March to hear all about the trip.


The club is always interested to hear from anybody wanting to be considered as a Wednesday night guest speaker and is open to suggestions


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