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12-June: Robert Tristram - Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley trip, Nepal  in March 2024

Robert and 2 friends walked the Manaslu circuit along with the Tsum Valley and a side trip towards Ganesh Himal base camp along the way. Walking was scheduled for 19 days in April to coincide with spring springing and the rhododendrons flowering. The trip was more comfortable than the last time many of us were there 10-25 + years ago. The range of accommodation and quality of food on the trails has lifted as roads, phones and internet push deeper into the mountains. Robert took over 2000 photos, so will try to cut this down to a sensible number. 

Bio Robert Tristram:

A past member of the club with parents still involved, I first walked the Annapurna circuit in Nepal in 1999 after several months walking in the Indian Himalayas. Back then, I had a heavy SLR, 16 rolls of film and several lenses, one of which turned out to be faulty, so many photos didn't come out. This time, a phone was more than enough. Nowadays, I tend to tramp mainly in the Tararuas where I'm (slowly) trying to visit all of the huts.


19-June: Andrew & Catharina Fisher - 4 day trip around tops of the Cobb Valley

With our daughter Annabel we did a series of trips in the South Island. First off was a 4 day trip attempting to go around the Cobb Valley - which did not go 100% as planned but was still a success. Then to escape westerly weather we headed over to Kaikoura and went up the Kowhai River and down the Hapuku River - areas impacted by the earthquake.


26-June: Paul Clark - NW Passage in Canada

I joined the club in 1969, first club trip was a Christmas trip lead by Phil Rundle to Nelson Lakes over Christmas -New Year 1968-69. Tramped and climbed with the club actively till the late eighties. Also spent about 4 and a half years as  NZ Forest Service deer culler. Was the first New Zealander to climb in Russia since the revolution .Spent the whole of August 1976 climbing in the Caucasus mountains and climbed Mount Elbrus and other peaks. And with Dave Dittmer spent the whole of the summer of 1977 climbing in the European Alps. Also was on the North Island Face Rescue team for a few years. Don’t tramp much anymore, still do some hunting and skiing. Have skied a lot in the USA, usually with an ex-club member John Featherstone. Also,  some in  Canada and Europe. 

The Northwest passage was first completely sailed in 1905 by Roald Amundsen. Basically, it links the East and the west of Canada by sea. It can only be traversed in summer because of thick -heavy sea ice. The area is sparsely populated, it takes wilderness to a totally new dimension. Also, by default it is difficult to access by either sea or floatplane. In summer it is popular for extreme rock climbing , fishing, and some hunting. Main access is by floatplane. It is big country, remote and it takes along time to get anywhere. And if you are climbing ,fishing and or hunting, and remember polar bears are not adverse  to the odd human sandwich. We traversed part of it by sea last year, heavy sea ice prohibited doing a lot of the passage, nature doesn’t always cooperate. 

3-Jul: Andrew Robinson - New Year Trip 2024


10-Jul: Andrew Labett - Trekking to K2 Base Camp and over the Gondodoro La Pass

Twenty five years ago I embarked on a journey to Pakistan to walk to K2 base camp and over the Gondogoro la.  I will be talking about this experience and sharing my photographs of this epic trek.

Andrew Labett

Photographer, keen tramper and mountain biker.  Getting into the hills and exploring Aotearoa gives me an opportunity to combine my passions and I especially love photographing landscapes and wildlife.  I’ve also trekked in Pakistan, Nepal, Mongolia, South America and Scotland during my world travels.  I studied photography in 1995 and have worked as a press photographer, freelance photographer and now I’m a school photographer across the lower North Island.


17-Jul: Ian and Merryl Flux - Bird sanctuary tour of Secretary Island in Doubtful Sound

24-Jul: Chris, Andrew and Andrew - Dusky Sound trip March 2023


31-Jul: AGM


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