Hutt Valley Tramping Club



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  • The club owns a lodge which has been upgraded recently on the Whakapapa ski field on Ruapehu in Tongariro National Park.
  • The club owns clubrooms in Birch Street Reserve near Waterloo station. The building includes a garage for our club transport and a club library available to members.



  • The club owns a 12 seater Ford Transit van used for trip transport. A bike rack for transport of 12 bikes is availables for bike trips as well.
  • The club also provides tents, billies, locator beacons and basic alpine equipment like ice axes and crampons.
  • The HVTC has strong historical links with two huts in the Tararuas, Powell and Waitewaewae. Both can be used for free by club members because the original huts on each site were constructed by the club, and members assist with maintenance of the current huts in co-operation with the Department of Conservation. Papatahi hut in Orongorongo Valley is a new hut freely availalable to club members for several weekends a year. Papatahi hut is managed by DOC but the club contributed towards the construction of this hut after the removal of Baines hut which was located in the same area.

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