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If you are new to the club or don't know where we meet check out location clubrooms


4 December: Ruapehu Enthusiasts – 70 Years on the Mountain 

2019 is 70 years since a number of keen and enthusiastic club members began work on a hut on Ruapehu. Now more grandly referred to as the Ruapehu Lodge it has grown and changed and seen many great club trips. A group of lodge enthusiasts will recount 70 years of history through pictures, stories and art.


11 December: Jackie West - Ecuador
In April Chris and Jackie West enjoyed a three part trip to Ecuador visiting the Galápagos Islands, the Napo Wildlife Center on a tributary of the Amazon followed by travelling the Avenue of the Volcanoes.


Please bring along items that you wish to donate to this effort. Home baking and preserves are especially welcome.Garden produce is also popular so bring along all the excess from you vegetable garden. Everyoneelse bring some cash to purchase some goodies with.


18 December: End of Year Xmas Party

A pot luck meal starting at 6:30pm at the clubrooms.

Bring your own plate, bowl, cutlery and glass plus your potluck contribution and drink of choice.The Club will provide juice.


15 Jan: Margaret Aitken - India


22 Jan: Sally Bain - Educating Residents About Trapping
Sally Bain has spent the past 5 years with the help of her community designing a sustainable trapping scheme throughout Eastbourne and the Bays residential area, with the cooperation of councils and residents and support from MFE. Monitoring has become a way of life and sharing of knowledge and learnings has become stable throughout most parts of the community. Monitoring thanks to Greater Wellington Regional scientist and GIS mapping system has become very informative.


29 Jan: Bernice Deller - Celebrating Jan Heine 

One of our life members has a special birthday today so we are combining the new year pot luck dinner with a birthday celebration and a cake. Come along at 6.30pm and bring your pot luck dish and whatever you fancy drinking, a plate and bowl, some utensils and a glass. Let's keep the workload for the social committee to a minimum and bring along something to put your dirty dishes in and take them home. We will also show a few photos.


5 Feb: Helen Lukes and Pam Smith: European Trip 2019, Part 3: Baltics to Russia
Beginning in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, the group joined up with others from around the world to bike and bus through the forests, lakelands, historical sites and seascapes of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, finishing in Tallinn.  8 of the group then became tourists, travelling by train to St Petersburg and Moscow.



The club is always interested to hear from anybody wanting to be considered as a Wednesday night guest speaker and is open to suggestions



If you have any suggestions for speakers, or would like to give a presentation yourself, please contact

Michele or Pamela at club night, or email details to