HVTC Photo Competitions


HVTC Photo Competition 2018

A. ABOVE THE BUSHLINE (with no human element)

1. Weather Change - Gavin Watson

2. Golden Morning - Ian McIlraith Commended: Dragon’s Teeth – Ian McIlraith

B. ABOVE THE BUSHLINE (with a human element)

1. Destination uncertain - Nick McBride

2. Breasting the slope - Ian McIlraith Commended: Not lost, yet – Jan Arts 

Trampers against the wind – Derek Richardson

C. BELOW THE BUSHLINE (with no human element)

1. Colours of the Earth - Gavin Watson

2. Into the light - Jan Arts Commended: Lake Stanley – Ian McIlraith

Nature’s Ramparts – Neil Hickman

Baring Head – Geoff Norton

D. BELOW THE BUSHLINE (with a human element)

1. Camp at Soper Shelter - Ian McIlraith

2. A really, really hot day in the Cobb Valley - Michele Lythgoe

Commended: Misty Path – Pat Tristram


1. Cupola Met Station, September 1964 - John Flux

2. Dart Hut, Christmas 1965 - Graeme Lythgoe


1. Cheeky! - Ian McIlraith

2. Okay - your tern - Gavin Watson Commended: New Zealand dotterel – John Flux

Gametophytes and sporophytes – Ian McIlraith

HVTC Trophies were awarded as follows:

SCENIC: from FMC Sections A, B, C, D:Weather Change - Gavin Watson 

NATURAL HISTORY: Cheeky!- Ian McIlraith

TOPICAL: Uh…Oh… - Nick McBride

Commended: Running Repairs – John Flux

Up and down, again – John Flux

PERSONALITY:Jan and Friend - Ian McIlraith

Commended: New Zealand Geographic – why do you ask? – Ian McIlraith

OVERSEAS: Hampi Sadu - Ian McIlraith

Commended: Tenacious colour at 5000m, Nepal – Phaedra Upton

Kerala Fishermen – Ian McIlraith

Quiet grazing, Dolpo, Nepal – Phaedra Upton

Storm Cloud, Nandi, Fiji – Sharman Robinson

Rural Myanmar – Michele Lythgoe

Marigold Compost, Goa – Ian McIlraith

Indian Tea – Ian McIlraith 

NOVICE: Colours of the Earth - Gavin Watson 

Commended: Sea Surge – Gavin Watson

Destination Uncertain – Nick McBride

Bunnies at Sunset – Gavin Watson


HVTC Photo Competition 2016


Landscape Winner – Robert Hoischen Runner up – Murray Presland
Below the Bushline Winner – Robert Hoischen Runnerup – Robert Hoischen
Above the Bushline Winner – Robert Hoischen Runner up – Robert Hoischen
Scenic Winner – Robert Hoischen
Natural History Winner – Robert Hoischen Runner up – Grant Roberts
Personality Winner – Grant Roberts Runner up – Grant Roberts
Topical Winner – Maarten Vink Runner up – Robert Hoischen
Hut or Camp Life Winner – Grant Roberts Runner up – Anja van Kesteren
Overseas Winner – Jan Arts Runner up – Pat Tristram
Novice Winner – Leni Maeckle Runner up – Leni Maeckle